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Did you ever notice, how perfectly fiting the songs "Into Eternity" and "Deliverance" are for the whole situation we witness in Thor 2?
They're so gorgeous and emotional, that I could cry by just listen to them. And then Frigga dies somethig gets totally clear: There is a point of no turning back. For none of the characteres. Staying with Loki: there is no chance he'll find a way back to light and life again. The last shard of his broken world, the connection to Frigga, the only one who still believes in him, it shatters. Just like that. And with the blink of an eye he is alone. There's nowhere he could hide, noone who would protect him, noone who even trusts him.
In "Thor" and "The Avengers" we already saw, what Loki desires: a throne. The reason is clear. He never felt like he was good enough, always "a shadow" behind Thors greatness. He wasn't the hot tempered fighter or the protective warrior. Anyway Odin's words were clear, both of them were born to be kings. Just to find out that he was adopted and his whole life was just a giant, elaborated lie must have been a shock. Though everything was more or less a coincidence, because of an inappropriate and exaggerated mischief of him. Anyway he didn't get what was promised to him. Loki as well saw that Thor wouldn't be such a good king, since he was extremely arrogant and egoistic in the first movie. But, as Frigga said, Loki may be capable of understanding others, but never knew himself. Everything he wanted was to be accepted by his "father", to make him proud, to show him, that he would be a great heir. To do so he had to eliminate Thor and proof he is worthy for the throne. This can obviously be seen then Loki doesn't kill his father, but the Jötun intruders. Loki's next idea was to destroy Jötunheimr, which has possibly two motivs. First, he knew about the upcoming war. By destroying one world and its inhabitants a war would be prevented. Something his father could be proud of. The second could be that Loki tried to cut any bond to his true ancestry, proving himself 100% asgardian. In the end he fails and gets mad with the situation. The last fight in "Thor" shows us that Loki is at the end of sanity. Everything he needed back then was someone who understands him. But neither Thor or Odin did so. That's just like a mirror to our society, people who are depressive, cut themselves, commiting suicide are "psychopaths", but noone ever notices how things could go so far and noone ever tries to change it. That's pretty much what happened to Loki as well. In "The Avengers" this little glint of light and hope in his heart almost extinguished. Partly of the Tesseracts influence, but as well with his own desires he does a lot of evil things. ("He killed 80 humans in two days." xD). Loki never thought something good about humans anyway, compared he is a god and he still desires a throne. He sees it as his birthright, his real father, his father Odin, his brother Thor, every of them had a throne. Since Midgards inhabitants, humans, are most likely the weakest race, Midgard lies in his focus. Even so, he's missing something and fails again. Loki always pretends to be just crazy, being sarcastic and happy with the whole situation, even back in Asgard. But even so Odins words must have almost killed him internally. ("Your birthright was to die.") "Why am I alive anyway." seems to be the most logical question at this point. There aren't many things which keep him alive at this point and hearing words like this doesn't make anything better, but worse. But Loki's a liar, he is able to even lie to himself. Putting him in the dungeon for almost eternity must be possibly the most cruel judgement, which feeds his rage against Odin and the madness in his heart. The only thing that (literally) was holding him alive was Frigga his mother. The fight with her was even worse. To tell her, that she is not his mother, must have been his hardest task. And then she died. Like, that's it. He screamed at her and she died. Unable to apalogize his sense of life faded and everything left is the rage against Odin, Thor and Jane as the direct flashpoint for Friggas death. As well as the anger against humans and dark elfs. Everything he does now just concentrates on the goal that is still left in his life: getting a throne. Asgards throne.
The way from an innocent child to a mad psychopath is so painful.

I could facepalm myself for all the fangirls out there which are like "Omg, Tom Hiddlestone is so hot. I want to hug poor Loki."
Tom Hiddlestone did a great job with Loki, really. All those emotions he played. For example as Loki and Thor fight at the end of the first movie.
"Loki, this is madness."
"Is it madness? Is it? IS IT?!"
Screaming that with tears in his eyes, because Loki knows deep within, that something goes wrong. He just lost the ability to stop it.
But does anyone really think a hug could fix everything? Especially from a mere human. Nope don't think so. I'd say he wouldn't really like those, who just kneel down before him. That would be quite boring.
But hey, our world is superficial and it will always be :/

Wow I wanted to write something short about the song and I ended up with a little character analysis. (In my eyes it is little. There would be so much more to add.)
No hate guys, I'll most likely break a butterlfy on a wheel if anyone gets insulted.
Have a nice day :3
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